Burmese By Ear/Essential Myanmar Introduction to the Burmese Language John Okell

1.5. No, it isn't (contd).

1. lesson

New Words       

nà*leh-deh  နားလည်တယ်  to understand  ear (nà) goes round 

zè*cì-deh  ဈေးကြီးတယ်  to be expensive  price (zè) is great. 


*. We use the * to remind you that the negative prefix goes before the second element, not before the first: 

    Nà măleh-ba-bù.   နားမလည်ပါဘူး။   I don’t understand. 

    Zè măcì-ba-bù.   ဈေးမကြီးပါဘူး။   It isn’t expensive. 

   You don’t say Mănà-leh-ba-bù or Măzè-cì-ba-bù.